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Pero me temo que tienes que saber inglés para poder leer la sección de artículos.

¿Quién Soy?

Hi, my name is Javier Márquez and I am a software engineer from Seville. I really like the fun side of programming, and I enjoy when I approach interesting challenges and projects where I can learn new things.

Computers are not the only thing in my life. I love music, flamenco is my other passion and I am and will be always learning how to play flamenco guitar.

Also I like football, I mean real football, soccer for americans. I prefer Messi to Cristiano, that says a lot about me :)

You can have further info about my interests and concerns in my blog.

Este es un sitio web personal no comercial, no vende nada ni ofrece ningún servicio. Leer más.

¿Qué hago?

Currently I am busy developing custom OpenCms modules, using J2EE technology. But, besides Java, I am a passionated PHP developer, mastering some frameworks like Codeigniter or Kohana, and CMS like WordPress.

In the design field, I am an experienced user of  Adobe suite and I am on a expert level porting those designs to HTML-CSS, creating modern web interfaces thanks to jQuery and  innovating using the new web standards.

You can see a little sample of what I do by having a look at my portfolio.

¿Dónde estoy?

I am a very social person, you can find me on …

… and for sure in a lot of other places.