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Tip: Portable workspace

Posted on 1-11-2012 | , ,

Having xampp lite and sublime text (portable install) in your dropbox folder makes you have your PHP development enviroment up to date in every computer you want.

Tip: Lightweight and cool PHP IDE

Posted on 19-10-2012 | , , ,

If you don’t want to wait 5 minutes every time you launch your ide, give Sublime Text 2 a try. Code completion, debug, control version… everything is possible and faster.

Tip: Eclipse for PHP

Posted on 26-3-2011 | , ,

It is really nice to use the Eclipse IDE for develop PHP apps. It features debugging, autocompletion, repositories handling… A professional way of developing PHP.

Tip: Widget Entries

Posted on 12-3-2011 | , , | 2 Comments

The best way of handling dozens of HTML widgets is using the Widget Entry Plugin.

Tip: Custom Sidebars

Posted on 11-3-2011 | , ,

Do you know how can I have a different sidebar for each page?

I use Custom Sidebars Plugin.

Update – And if you need more control, check out the all new Custom Sidebar Pro for all your widget, sidebar and footer needs.