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Easy pagination with Opencms

Posted on 15-6-2011 | , , ,

Easy pagination with Opencms

There is a famous rule out there called DRY (Don’t repeat yourself), and if there is one thing I have to code once and again in Opencms is Structured Content lists and their pagination.I will postpone the DRY way explanation of making structured contents lists for any other day and I will explain how to write a reusable robust pagination mechanism for Opencms.

The whole explanation is in the second page…

@font-face and Opencms

Posted on 18-5-2011 | , , ,

@font-face and Opencms

I’ve started to develop a new site in Opencms and this time I have free way to design it however I want, so I wanted to do something good looking.

The use of the CSS rule @font-face is not difficult, specially using the @font-face generator from You upload the font you want to use, and the generator transforms it in all the font formats that browsers use, and create a CSS code that you just to paste in your style file.

That way is how this blog is showing this beautiful typografy in its titles – WC Roughtrad by WCFonts.

All this is very easy, but when I tried to do the same in the new Opencms site I realized that It wasn’t working.

Discover my Opencms-fontface problem

Openmcs cms:info tag explained

Posted on 31-3-2011 | , , ,

<cms:info> is one of the most useful tags of the OpenCms taglib, but when I have a look at other’s code I can see that people prefer other ways to get the same results that this tag offers just writing one line.I think that happens because a lack of documentation and examples about it. Googleing a little about this tag you can find two main sources of documentation:

  • Opencms cms:info tag docs
  • Opencms cms:info tag tests

That is the original documentation packed with opencms, a really short explanation of some of the possible properties and a test for these properties where some of them returns the same result, so you can’t see the differences between them.

I think I made a better example where I explain a little bit how the cms:info tag works and where you can see those differences.

Some source code inside this post.

Opencms useful paths and urls

Posted on 28-3-2011 | , , , ,

Opencms useful paths and urls

This is the first post in my new brand site about technology and I hope you can enjoy it or at least you get something useful.

As a person who likes programming and technology, I like to read and write about the newest stuff, but nowadays I am working as a OpenCms programmer, and since there is not a great documentation and tutorials on the internet about it, I want to share the solutions I found to the thousand problems i found myself in with OpenCms.

One of those problems is related with the paths used to get some data in a jsp. The next list will make your life easier when you want to load some content, display an image, or link some url with opencms.

Interested abouts paths? Keep reading…

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