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Custom Sidebars Updated: Version 0.8.1

Posted on 5-7-2011 | , , , | 3 Comments

Custom Sidebars Updated: Version 0.8.1

Update – Check out the all new Custom Sidebar Pro for all your widget, sidebar and footer needs.

Since yesterday we have a new stable version of our beloved WordPress, version 3.2 nicknamed Gershwin after a great jazz musician. It comes with a lot of nice features, a new brand administration area, huge performance improvements, security patches and bugs solved.

I’ve been trying the betas and RCs to be sure that Custom Sidebars is compatible but unfortunatelly the official version broke the sidebars selection on pages, because it fixed a misuse of the property “publicly_queriable” on custom post types that makes the pages be not “publicly_queriable” anymore. Since Custom Sidebars checked if the post type was publicly queriable to add the selection box to the edit form, it was completely dissapeared for much of you.

Anyway, everything can be fixed but death, so here you have a new version of the plugin that behaves as expected. Enjoy it.
To get the last version of the plugin, read the post…

Custom Sidebars Plugin v0.8

Posted on 1-6-2011 | , , , | 109 Comments

There have been a lot of people contacting me about the Custom Sidebars plugin, it has reached +20000 downloads already. Some of them have told me about a bug, others about some possible improvements… Thanks to you all, I will try to listen to everybody to make a useful plugin.

In case you don’t know what this plugin does, Custom Sidebars allows a WordPress administrator to create all the sidebars that he or she may need and assigns them to a post or page individually. It also permits you to assign custom sidebars to the home page, category archives, custom post types, author pages… Long story short, Custom Sidebars gives you the control over your site’s sidebars.

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Tip: Custom Sidebars

Posted on 11-3-2011 | , ,

Do you know how can I have a different sidebar for each page?

I use Custom Sidebars Plugin.

Update – And if you need more control, check out the all new Custom Sidebar Pro for all your widget, sidebar and footer needs.

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