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The best way of handling dozens of HTML widgets is using the Widget Entry Plugin.

Removing Youtube embed title in WordPress automatically

Posted on 11-11-2012 | , ,

It’s easy to find how to remove the initial title and controls in your youtube embeds. You just need to append


to the youtube url. WordPress has a nice feature that embeds video links automatically, so you don’t need to handle messed html code, but that embed show the video title too.

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Tip: Portable workspace

Posted on 1-11-2012 | , ,

Having xampp lite and sublime text (portable install) in your dropbox folder makes you have your PHP development enviroment up to date in every computer you want.

CSS3 Non rectangular backgrounds

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Bored of rectangular backgrounds? You are right, squared divs are boring but you don’t like rounded corners anymore and need something special like this?

This is a nice div with a non rectangular background!

Then, you have reached the right place!

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Tip: Lightweight and cool PHP IDE

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If you don’t want to wait 5 minutes every time you launch your ide, give Sublime Text 2 a try. Code completion, debug, control version… everything is possible and faster.

Restoring } key in sublime text for spanish keyboards

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If you use a spanish keyboard and the outstanding editor sublime text 2, you will find press the } key really annoying, because you will get a block comment code instead the } character which it is used “sometimes” when programming.

To fix that just open Preferences > Key Bindings – User menu. That will open a file, there you need to paste the line below inside the [] brackets and save it. You will be able to use } again.

{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+/"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": "}"}}

(Spanish) Si empiezas a usar sublime text 2, un editor de código bastante recomendado, para programar con un teclado español, te habrás dado cuenta que cuando pulsas la tecla }, lo que llamamos cerrar la llave y que es bastante útil, en la apantalla aparece un bloque de comentario en vez del símbolo. Para que la tecla funcione correctamente, simplemente tienes que ir al menú Preferences > Key Bindings – User menu y en el archivo que se te abre escribir la linea de arriba entre los corchetes []. Una vez guardado, la tecla volverá a funcionar como debería.

Getting https pages through a proxy using PHP and Requests

Posted on 24-9-2012

Getting https pages through a proxy using PHP and Requests

Today I was searching the internet looking for a HTTP client that supports authentication and https connections because I couldn’t use the function


with htpps addresses.

I found some interesting and modern projects like Httpful and Guzzle, but they created with REST in mind, and I was looking for something much simpler, but powerful enough to allows to get https pages and authentication.

And searching a bit deeper I could finally find Requests. Yeah, with that name it’s really difficult to find it, everyting is called request on the internet. What I found is a Http client for PHP created by Ryan McCue, inspired by the python’s Requests library.

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+You Google Bar: Firefox soon

Posted on 18-9-2012 | 2 Comments

The chrome extension +You Gbar is becoming famous quickly, and in one week more than 5k people have downloaded it. In case you don’t know about it, the extension lets you personalize the order of the Google Black Bar which you can find in every google service page, sorting its elements by dragging and dropping.

The firefox version is already finished, but the mozilla extension directory has stricter conditions to let the plugins be published than chrome’s one. We must be patient…

+You Google Bar: Customize it!

Posted on 5-7-2012 | 8 Comments

+You Google Bar: Customize it!

There is something about Google that has always annoyed me, the links in the black upper bar. That bar couldbe really useful, I remember when I had a link to Google Reader in it, what a beautiful time!! But some day Google decided that there are more interesting things to show in that bar, like Google Play that I have never used, and they don’t let me configure the bar to bring my beloved Reader back.

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Custom Sidebars 1.0

Posted on 8-5-2012 | 70 Comments

Finally a mayor release, Custom Sidebars 1.0 is out! It has a lot of improvements, specially AJAX management. But AJAX relies on javascript, and becouse of that only WP3.3 installations could run the new version of Custom Sidebars.

So if your WordPress is older than 3.3 DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR PLUGIN.

If you already did, just downloading the version 0.8.2 everything should return to normal.

I really would like to explain all the improvements slowly, so I will take my time to update this post, until then, feel free to leave a message.


Get your captcha personalized

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Get your captcha personalized

This is my last dumb project which allows to trolling everybody, everywhere, writing whatever you want to say in a captcha:

Your Captcha Creator: yourcaptcha.com

I tried to make it as simple as possible, just write down your worst feelings in the input bar and press enter. If you like your creation press the down key to download your captcha.

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Front page on Carrington theme

Posted on 10-7-2011 | , , ,

Front page on Carrington theme

I have decided to improve my skills creating WordPress themes, and the only thing I was sure is that I would need a theme framework in order to be organized and have a solid structure. After having a look at the main frameworks, the chosen one was Carrington. The reason, you can get a quick idea of what it does, it acts like a proxy for template parts, so if you want your home page to have a different header, you just add a new file in the headers folder called home.php and Carrington pick it for you. You can almost forget about WordPress conditional tags and if statements and focus in developing.

But that does not always work. In my case, I wanted to have a static page as home of my site, to do so I went to “Settings” > “Reading” on my WP backend and chose the page I wanted to be the home page. I also wanted a new header for this new home page, so I added the “home.php” file to my headers folder, but Carrington just ignored it.

A useful WordPress hack if you continue reading…

Custom Sidebars Updated: Version 0.8.1

Posted on 5-7-2011 | , , , | 3 Comments

Custom Sidebars Updated: Version 0.8.1

Update – Check out the all new Custom Sidebar Pro for all your widget, sidebar and footer needs.

Since yesterday we have a new stable version of our beloved WordPress, version 3.2 nicknamed Gershwin after a great jazz musician. It comes with a lot of nice features, a new brand administration area, huge performance improvements, security patches and bugs solved.

I’ve been trying the betas and RCs to be sure that Custom Sidebars is compatible but unfortunatelly the official version broke the sidebars selection on pages, because it fixed a misuse of the property “publicly_queriable” on custom post types that makes the pages be not “publicly_queriable” anymore. Since Custom Sidebars checked if the post type was publicly queriable to add the selection box to the edit form, it was completely dissapeared for much of you.

Anyway, everything can be fixed but death, so here you have a new version of the plugin that behaves as expected. Enjoy it.
To get the last version of the plugin, read the post…

Tip: New Eclipse Indigo

Posted on 24-6-2011 | , , ,

My favourite IDE has a new version and Git native support is in its features. Why don’t try Eclipse Indigo?

Easy pagination with Opencms

Posted on 15-6-2011 | , , ,

Easy pagination with Opencms

There is a famous rule out there called DRY (Don’t repeat yourself), and if there is one thing I have to code once and again in Opencms is Structured Content lists and their pagination.I will postpone the DRY way explanation of making structured contents lists for any other day and I will explain how to write a reusable robust pagination mechanism for Opencms.

The whole explanation is in the second page…

Custom Sidebars Plugin v0.8

Posted on 1-6-2011 | , , , | 109 Comments

There have been a lot of people contacting me about the Custom Sidebars plugin, it has reached +20000 downloads already. Some of them have told me about a bug, others about some possible improvements… Thanks to you all, I will try to listen to everybody to make a useful plugin.

In case you don’t know what this plugin does, Custom Sidebars allows a WordPress administrator to create all the sidebars that he or she may need and assigns them to a post or page individually. It also permits you to assign custom sidebars to the home page, category archives, custom post types, author pages… Long story short, Custom Sidebars gives you the control over your site’s sidebars.

Download Custom Sidebars plugin

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